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EOS retains its rank at 5th place. A Twitterati comments: i mean by all means buy. Its promising numbers in the last 7 days have highly contributed to its increase in its market cap and achieve the tag of 2nd most performing cryptocurrency in the top. Any1h: Over 201h: Over 101h: Over 51h: Over 01h: Under -201h: Under -101h: Under -51h: Under 024h: Over 2024h: Over 1024h: Over 524h: Over 024h: Under -2024h: Under -1024h: Under -524h: Under 01 Week: Over 201 Week: Over 101 Week: Over 51 Week: Over.

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It has outclassed all the other currencies in the top 25 list by at least 40 odd percent. The current market cap of EOS is 16 billion and is safely retaining its position against the 6th ranked Cardano with a market cap difference of approximately 7 billion between the two. EOS started surging on 24th April at a high rate and remained at a constant surge rate with a few fluctuations between 25th and 27th of April. Coinmarketcap updates their cross market data every 5 minutes.

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A cryptocurrency enthusiast comments of Twitter: Pay no attention to the, eOS shills. Market Cap: Biggest Gainers biggest Losers* * Where Volume (24h) is at least 50,000. Order, default (Market Cap Desc)Market Cap AscendingMarket Cap DescendingPrice AscendingPrice DescendingVolume AscendingVolume DescendingPerformance 1h AscendingPerformance 1h DescendingPerformance 24h AscendingPerformance 24h DescendingPerformance 1W AscendingPerformance 1W DescendingPerformance 1M AscendingPerformance 1M Descending. Youll end up buying the top.

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Price, any100 and more50 to 10010 to 501 to 100.001 to 1Over 50Over 10Over 1Over.001Under 100Under 50Under 10Under 1Under.01Under.001. Read about how we use cookies and how you can control them on our. The difference between the other top 25 currencies growth rate and the growth rate of EOS remains massive.

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Average Volumes, any10mil and more1mil to 10mil500k to 1mil100k to 500k10k to 100k1k to 10kOver 1milOver 500kOver 100kOver 10kOver 1kUnder 1 milUnder 500kUnder 100kUnder 10kUnder. EOSs revolutionary technology, vision to change the world and its supreme sales and advertising strategy have highly contributed to its current position in the market.

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It experienced a decline.65 in the last 24 hours, as seen at press time. Algorithm, anyERC-20 max Supply, anyOver 10bil1bil to 10bil500mil to 1bil100mil and 500mil10mil and 100milUnder 10mil.