Fact check: Did National Geographic Purchase Footage

That's too good to be true. While social media is a beneficial tool for weather forecasters to spread weather alerts quickly, it also gives people a platform to rapidly spread a lie.

Harvey s Fake News: These Viral Photos Are NOT Real The Weather

Retrieved from " p?titlekeza oldid ". Chad is a storm-chaser and photographer based in Kansas City, who keeps more than 9,000. Again, if it looks too good to be true, it should be investigated.

Spectacular footage shows huge tornado twisting across fields

Take a close look at this photo and study the structure of this rotating supercell. Ironic or Comical Images Are Usually Fake A large cross falling through the roof of an adult store with Paula Deen guiding it? Don't fall for. Tornado and Lightning Near the Oil Rig.

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The Shark That Only Shows Up During Hurricanes, All Over the Atlantic Ocean. It was recycled on social media during the deadly South Carolina floods. All it takes is one person to find an old picture or video, rebrand it as current and share it to Facebook or Twitter.

Monster tornado and huge hail pummel Texas - CNN Video

This incredible footage has captured the moment a huge tornado went twisting across fields - much to the delight of watching storm-chasers. National Geographic for 1 million: Despite the lack of contextual information, such as where and when these tornados occurred, the State Observers claim that this footage was purchased.