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What separates Orchid from other methods of identity protection is that by running traffic through the bandwidth of the nodes it is randomized and not even Orchid knows the identity of the internet user. Stephen Bell has started countries around the world, including the US, Europe, and China. The website does not offer practically any specific features regarding Orchid Protocol, but the potential benefits are clear. The most common method is installing a VPN, and while that can be effective, it also routes your traffic through a centralized system where it is still at risk of being compromised.

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The site provides miniature bios for all of the founders but does not go into detail regarding who holds what position within the company and if there are currently any other employees. Through we research we found that because of the interest of many high-profile funds and VCs in Silicon Valley that a public funding session may not be necessary at all. Additionally, the project has captured the attention of several high-profile venture capital companies, meaning a public sale may not even be necessary. Some have even mentioned it as having the potential to bring back net neutrality.

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Those that seem the anonymized internet access can pay for using tokens. Gustav Simonsson has worked as an engineer and developer and helped to launch Ethereum in 2015. The total amount of tokens being created is 3,000,000,000, but it is unclear how many if any will be made available for a public sale.

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The tokens will be referred to as ORC and they will be distributed as ERC20. The founders of, orchid Protocol believe that the internet is not the open and free platform that it was created to be, due largely to increased surveillance and personal data mining. Features and Benefits of Orchid Protocol. Conclusion, the appeal of Orchid Protocol is obvious and should be widespread, as internet privacy is one of the most discussed issues anywhere.

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No details have been released regarding the allocation of the tokens that are created or how the funds it raises are going to be distributed. The whitepaper offers many thorough technical details but there is no information provided regarding who makes up the development and technical side of the Orchid Protocol team. Orchid Protocol was founded by five people.

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Orchid allows users to create nodes that rent out bandwidth and provide anonymized internet access to those that require. Because there are not many details available yet regarding the sale, there have been no announcement regarding bonuses or minimum and maximum contributions. That is why they have created their platform which is essentially a token-based bandwidth exchange that is designed to protect the privacy of internet users around the world. As people have become more conscious of the fact that they are being monitored and their personal data mined while they are on the internet, they have begun to take steps to protect their identities. How Does Orchid Protocol Work?