Meet, dopamine, the, boutique GPU Mining Chassis

A contribution of 200 gets you a case in your choice of black or white  - add 50 for shipping outside of the.S. Dopamine Indiegogo page, the first units should ship in April. Will hardcore cryptominers pony up for sturdy case over whatever they're using already, given their natural predisposition to counting pennies?

Dopamine is first computer case designed for Bitcoin

Early backers can lay claim to a chassis, in black or a limited-edition white, for 200. For users without the time to invest in case design, Red Harbinger is testing the market with their new mining chassis, the Dopamine: Red Harbinger is known in case design circles for some innovative products, such.

Dopamine: First Computer Case for Mining Bitcoin

The chassis will support mini-ITX all the way through to E-ATX, have three 120/140mm fan mounts on the bottom, and has 685mm x 508mm x 305mm dimensions. . High speed video boards such. You will be able to choose the color of the case, but the specific components are not yet listed. Dopamine is also able to handle two power supplies and a range of motherboard forms (from mini-ITX to extended ATX).

Meet, dopaMine, the 6-GPU case designed for Bitcoin miners

Keeping six monster GPUs cool necessitates a lot of airflow, so the chassis features three 120/140mm fan mounts on the bottom which would not be enough if the chassis was not completely open. Testing the market, while PC makers have dipped their toes in the cryptocurrency waterswitness. The first card based on the new architecture launched this week. This time around, though, the hardware makers are ready which wasn't the case in the good old days of bitcoin GPU mining.

Harbinger tests the Cryptocurrency Chassis Market : The

Dopamine, red Harbinger, a boutique PC company, has created the first computer case for mining Bitcoin. Red Harbinger are also promoting the chassis as a test bed / open-air chassis, which can be repurposed as a compute machine if the bottom falls out of scrypt mining. . Its unique design could prove useful to PC gaming enthusiasts looking for a powerful, test-bed-like setup, as well. Cross Desk, DopaMine was designed specifically for scalable cryptocurrency mining.

Dopamine, first computer chassis

The Dopamine is, red Harbinger 's first crack at the boutique mining chassis market, which doesn't exactly exist yet, but the company thinks it should. . Like the Cross Desk, DopaMine is designed to appeal to enthusiast PC users.