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This is called buying on margin. But stock futures are one way to hedge your investments so that no single market fluctuation - way up or way down - will ruin your portfolio.

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How They Affect Prices, commodities futures accurately assess the price of raw materials because they trade on an open market. Search: The Web, rediff, home Get Ahead Money Invest, your daily predictions: how to trade in Futures, larissa Fernand. It is these assumptions behind oil prices that affect the economy so significantly.

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Buyers of food, energy, and metal use futures contracts to fix the price of the commodity they are purchasing. If the stock price actually goes down, and ends up at 48 a share on April 1, then you have to sell the 5,000 contract for 4,800 - a 200 loss. on the day the price change occurs, the farmer's account is debited 5,000 (1 per bushel X 5,000 bushels) and the bread maker's account is credited by 5,000 (1 per bushel X 5,000 bushels).

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That's how the futures market works except instead of a cable TV provider and a consumer, it may be a wheat producer trying to secure a selling price for next season's crop, and a bread maker trying to pin down a buying price to determine. This will go on till you sell the Futures contract or it expires (last Thursday of the month). If the stock drops considerably, it's possible to lose more than the price of the initial investment. With stock market futures, you can make money even when the market goes down.

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Heres what your clients need to know about handling annuities in a divorce case. This is a largely anonymous process: Electronic exchanges match buyers and sellers from around the world in real-time throughout each trading session.

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January 12, 2006, t he other day a friend told me that she made a killing trading in Stock Futures. For example, this could be a certain octane of gasoline or a certain purity of metal. Conversely, the same investor may feel confident in the future, and seek to buy a long contract gaining a lot of upside if stocks move higher.