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Kaggel datasets are also awesome. R package to use the API. The infographic extract shown is a great example of this approach. At the Business and Local Government Data Research Centre we can help organisations to make more effective use of their data.

Fun data handling games for children - Topmarks

Omdb has an API to make searches and if you donate you can get the full database. Images like these are pleasing on the eye and can be used as a way of conveying a complex message in a clear and succinct manner. The more sophisticated the software becomes at creating the graphic the more sophisticated and pleasurable to the eye the output becomes. Displayed in the right way this newly analysed data can provide fascinating insights that are easily accessible to a wide range of audiences.

Fun Data for teaching R Bartomeus lab

When it comes to making data easier to understand a useful tool is infographics. Who really enjoyed Maths anyway? This is better option for beginners. The graphic has extracted the data from the Twitter feed and highlighted what matters to the audience without the need for anybody to read every Tweet.

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Football: I discarded this one for me because I know nothing about it, but I am sure it will be highly popular in Spain. The four words big, data, business and hindrance standout as the most important points.

Fun With Data Third and State

Source: Cristian Ilies Vasile and Martin Krzywinski via. The word cloud below was created using Twitter data on, following a big data seminar.

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Datasets already in R: Along with the classic datasets on Iris flowers (used by Fisher!) or the cars dataset there are cooler options. To download them you just have to register. Earthquakes : This one also needs some parsing of the txt files (easier than imdb) and will do for pretty visualizations. If youre trying to understand sentiment then the use of a word cloud can be a useful technique.

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The use of infographics is also now slowly moving into the world of art. I would like to use a single dataset that has some easy variables for the first days, but also some more challenging ones for the final days. For example there are lots of datasets for econometrics (some are curious and, rstudio also released some cool ones recently (e.g. From this cloud it is easy to see what mattered to the attendees.