I sent money to the wrong email address, but the., payPal

35 7 Finish and send your payment. Reply etipsgo 06:31 PM, originally Posted by mited : has the funds gone through? Always monitor your accounts for activity in order to prevent fraud or to catch errors.

Money sent to wrong email address, reciever won., payPal

7, click "Send Money" at the bottom of the payment review page after you are sure all the information is accurate. The final screen may show a response of "Almost Done.

Send, money to the, wrong, address on, payPal?

Consumers often think its a simple case of notifying their bank of the error, and the bank rectifying the situation straight away, said Damien Fahy, finance expert from. If they do, your bank will automatically close your savings account. 4, send money using your PayPal account.

Payment sent to wrong email account, payPal

Read More, get a better bank account, banks paying you 100s to join them. You can still cancel the transaction, as long as the money has not been picked. Tips to help you avoid making a misdirected payment. If you realize your mistake after you've sent the money, send your payee a request that he or she return you the money.

Paypal payment sent to wrong /unused email address

PayPal is one of the oldest online payment platforms, and has ties to many online vendors. Banks and building societies which have done so must now start taking action on behalf of a customer within two working days of them making a complaint. WikiHow Contributor, yes, because that is how the person sending you money knows who to tell PayPal to pay. Completed payments cannot be canceled, but you can contact your recipient for a refund.

If I sent money via, payPal to a wrong email address, can

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