Gluten Free Restaurant Cards for Celiacs / Coeliacs

I have used your travel cards frequently throughout my travels throughout Europe and recommend them to all my friends." - Chantelle O'Halloran, London,. "Thank you soooooooooooooooo much for these Gluten-Free Restaurant Cards-they have been such a stree-reducer when eating out.

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"Many thanks to you Roger, for providing this information to parents of children who are Coeliacs! I am newly diagnosed(about 3 months) and as part of my University studies have been traveling around Europe. (If you can't donate, a link is just as valuable, so if you have a blog or website, please consider linking to us - thanks!).

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The great thing about being able to print your own is you can give them to the waiter or waitress to take to the kitchen. These cards have been a true blessing in making sure that I don't get accidentally gluten, although there have been a few close calls with chefs not leaving off sauces. It has been a lifesaver this summer. So a massive thank you for making them so clear and easily available!" - Joanna James, Human Rights Professional, London,.

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In the two weeks since I've been to Czech Rep and Poland on business and printed cards for those trips too. Kurdish, latvian Lithuanian Malay Maltese Mongolian Nepali Norwegian Persian (Farsi) Polish Portuguese Romanian Russian Serb Sinhalese Slovak Slovenian Spanish Swahili Swedish Tagalog (Filipino) Tamil Thai Turkish Ukrainian Urdu Uzbek Vietnamese "Just wanted to send a great big thanks your way.

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Karla Maree, Certified Nutrition Consultant, San Carlos, California, USA. Free Gluten-Free Restaurant Cards for Celiacs / Coeliacs - get safe gluten free food wherever you are. Thank you - Roger. Waitstaff were often bemused but were very helpful and we never once got an inadvertent dose of gluten.

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Using your cards for the most recent trip (to the UK, Austria, Czech Republic and Hungary) made ordering in restaurants so much easier. Hungarian, icelandic, indonesian, italian, japanese, khmer (Cambodian korean. My man and I recently travelled to Paris for the first time.

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We had no gluten incident the whole trip (and that's really saying something)! It makes it so much easier for us when we want to eat out as a family, in a local restaurant, here in Luxembourg or just across the borders in Germany, Belgium or France." - Gerard Hanny-Labastille, Administrative Assistant, Luxembourg. Sometimes it's not just the language barrier but seeing something written in their own language means it's taken so much more seriously. I wish I had some helpful tips that I've learned, but really all I can say is that these are wonderful help when traveling in countries where you can't always communicate. To see what the restaurant cards say, look at the one in your language.