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Stations were erected in each others respective home regions as well, making it so that both are special in having stations not only at the heart of their seat of power but also on the other side of the cluster. Arms In the weapon market too the Angels are present with an assortment of big and small arms and matching ammunition, most of which instantly ensure personal security due to their aggressive nature. Production of both Cartel and Serpentis ships falls on the Salvation Angels, whom also do continued research and development for them. Here too we find both modifications of existing technologies, as well as some exclusive designs.

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Their control is at the ever changing hands of the capsuleer alliances, and the Cartel is wise enough to know that it is better to hold a single region and safeguard it than to overextend itself and risk losing control of both. Jovian technology recovery, when the Jovians made themselves known, suspicious arose and eventual evidence came up that the ruins of the lost civilization in the Curse region were theirs, and that the artifacts recovered dated back to the First and Second Jovian Empires. While most were small, Zainou Biotech was one big name that stood out.

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Eager to prove their worth and might to both the Cartel and Nation, they deployed in full force alongside the Cartel. Conversely, if you know that your enemy's ship has a low resistance to a particular damage type, you can use weapons which deal that specific damage type, making them more effective. Caldari Knowing the drive of the mega-corporations to succeed against each other, the Cartel sees a weakness in some that they are most willing to exploit. It is protecting the assets of Arch Angels and may attack.

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These devices and parts are popular with hackers and counter-security specialists due to their superior performance and greater capabilities, causing many to be flagged as illegal within Empire space. Rogue Drones have a tendency to vary wildly in what damage type they deal and are vulnerable. It is protecting the assets of Arch Angels and may attack Angel General This is a fighter for the Arch Angels. Many believe that the Angels got their power from uncovering. When it comes to language, the Angel Cartel is unique in that due to its membership it has developed a slang that is a mixture of various languages from around the cluster together with their own words.

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Angel Cartel ships are also encountered in missions. Angel Commander, this is a fighter for the Arch Angels. With capsuleers now roaming all corners of space this is a necessary precaution. The technology used in each hull is however distinctly their own. Thermal, yes (40 yes (40 yes, yes (Gallente).

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Servant Sisters of EVE While the Angels dont mind the Sisters as much as long as they stay out of their way, the SSoE regard them as some of the worst criminals in the cluster. EM, explosive, kinetic, thermal. As such, nobody raises an eyebrow to the consumption of illegal drugs during parties so long as those involved do not cause trouble or sink to the level of being outright junkies.