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Archivist Tam Nguyen: Plateau Support Collection (1 AP). Odenville: 5 AP.

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The name Slaughterville is on a road sign at northern exit from Boneclaw. Bing Tangelo: Malibu Dream House. Ronnie Johnston: Raiders Gone Wild.

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Light Rifle ammo x 40, Zipgun ammo x 40, or Quatermaster Voucher. Alexander Hamilton Van Kirk (level 14 required An Acquaintance in Need Melissa Day Bell: If It Weren't For Bad Luck Alexander Hamilton Van Kirk: Flowers For Alexander choose one of: help Alexander Alexander Hamilton Van Kirk: Rock and a Hardcase When the Chips are down. Ich habe ja nur eine Sache gegeben.

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Daphne McKlusky: Demanding Supply Aaron Edgars: Mostly came out at night. Gives Exp 45 Chips, medicine Kit 1 Knowledge, scrap Wood. Ranger Izzy Travis: Pandora's Box. Bräuchte dafür aber Argumente warum ich zu ihm will, mir fallen leider nicht so schnell welche ein wie.b. Some of patches. changed Clinton farm AP again: - Harry Abingdon: Courage in the Field now gives.

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Kingman: 5 AP. Daphne McKlusky: Mining Our Business. Cremaster - X:3893216, Y:3188724) - Create 10 Crude Gamma Converters.

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Mag Thurbe: Piece of the Piemaker (intitial dialog options makes no difference). (Choosing combat or diplomacy makes no big difference.). Ich wüsste gern, worauf man beim Abschluss einer Berufsunfähigkeitsversicherung achten sollte, damit sie im Bedarfsfall auch tatsächlich zahlt. Midway Dilemma (Pala Gears - X:3910446, Y:3191407) - Talk to Nick Burns Gives Exp Shirts 1 Instructions Dye Formula Rightful Masters (Nick Burns - X:3887842, Y:3188459) - Create 2 Ragged Black T-Shirts Gives Exp 35 Chips Crossbow Schematics Rightful Masters (Nick Burns - X:3887842, Y:3188459). (Notes 4 and.).

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Outside SE exit road. There is no mission marker on the map so youll have to read the mission text before accepting/ completing missions to find the terminals.