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Paper provably solves both the privacy issue and the short and long-term scalability problems of blockchains at the same time. It was originally published in HGRs Medium blog. By using a Turing-complete language, each node is scripted with a stand-alone piece of probably random information so that the complete date is not in the hands of a single party; this part of Enigma allows privacy to remain truly decentralised.

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Catalyst will be the first app to be built on top of Enigma. Enigma is the missing piece to a decentralized future. 01 problem, enigma solves both. A partnership with Aion will allow Enigma to become blockchain agnostic and able to interact with any blockchain.

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Among them include world renowned computer scientist Alex Pentland (in 2011, Forbes named him one of the worlds seven most powerful data scientists along with a founder of Google and the CTO of the United States and Kevin Zhou, co-founder of Galois Capital and former. As if this wasnt enough, they also aim to permanently solve the scalability problem. Catalyst is the first application to be built on the Enigma protocol, already active with tens of thousands of users. By enabling secure, decentralized data computation and exchange, Enigma allows blockchains to truly fulfill their powerful promise.

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The Enigma protocol is primed to capitalize on this as the protocol allows users to own their own data and choose how it is shared. Healthcare and Genomics, healthcare companies can provide data to researchers without compromising its privacy, allowing for more discoveries and innovation. The following same number of nodes will join the input pieces and send them until they finally reach the output.

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Enigmas Roadmap, discovery: 2018 Q2 Q3, to introduce the concept of secret contracts. Use of Enigma as a cryptocurrency. Voyager: 2019 Q1 Q2, release a distributed VM that can run general-purpose secure multi-party computation (MPC). Users write Python to create and test their trading algos. Further security and decentralization improvements will continue to be made.