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Other than that our assets will be directly accounted for in the fund currencies we are investing in daily. (For example 1 Iraqi dinar will equal one dinar coin.) So to mitigate instability in fiat, we will also have our tokens easily trade-able into AgreCoins thereby allowing investors a safe haven in case of political instability in the region. This backs investors money with local dollars and insures the stability of AgreCoin as a trading network. Token holders are able to burn (sell to the contract and withdraw from circulation) part of their tokens, and receive some reward.

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Current price usd, agreCoin compiles the top 6 coins and makes them into their own fund. As a result of these assets making making their mark on the global economic scene, casual investors have been presented with a wide array of opportunities to take part in this massive economic shift (which would have otherwise been quite difficult in conventional marketplaces). For complete information, please visit: m, media Contact: Rhino SA, attn: Media Relations, durban, South Africa email protected. You make money based on the rise in the entire market as a whole. Other Key Features Include: Easy Conversion: All assets can be pegged to the local fiat currency so as to help eliminate issues related to fiat instability.

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One of the most significant token standards of all for Ethereum is called ERC-20. Bitcoin, Monero, Ethereum within the past year.

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Hence we arrive at the term fiat banking. Investors make money based on the rise in the entire market as a whole and this is less risky than trying to pick the favorites. Token is not intended to be an owner other another tokens and contracts. Farmers often deal with the dilemma of overplanting when demand is high or underplanting when demand is low, leading to either oversupply, or an agave shortage, as the plant takes some six years to reach maturity.

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Learn more, contribute, upstart1k - One coin to compile them all. This actor only exists in public reserves which accept contributions from public to build up the reserve. Agre coin makes use of the 6 top currencies that are trading at any point in the crypto market. Current price.27 usd, the best coin out there for getting the most out of your favorite altcoins without having to micromange your money.

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The ICO presents a solution for this crisis in the form of smart contracts that would serve to stabilize this volatile marketplace. Simply stated, the goal for AgreCoin is to minimize the risks of investment and maximize the returns investors might get from their investment. There are several different tokens which may be used in conjunction with Ethereum, and these differ from ether, which is the currency native to the Ethereum blockchain. The high number of coins in the market leads to some coins having a very low value as compared to others.