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I have come across a complete set of Red and Blue Ration Tokens with a 14 page report from several individuals. The brass Made Beaver tokens can be 500 or more each.

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Blue ones read: OPA Blue Point 1 (with two different letters). VX 40c, vY 40c,.00, xH 40c. Email me at i got an old camle cigarette token its old how much do you thank it would be worth? One from the US Government, the other from the Manufacturer. NIf you present your square (coupon) when you purchase 1 pkg Ivory Flakes, you will receive 1 Ivory Soap bar free.

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special* All the blue OPAs except.00 ppd. Blue tokens were used for processed foods; red tokens for meats and fats.

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Rationing was first started in 1942. Hobo Nickels, elongated Coins, other Exonumia, tokens: Transit. It's worth a million brazillian dollars!

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Then, at a different plant, the paper is laminated into thicker layers, some with a serpentine snake like layer in the middle to add strength but retain lightness and strength. UH 40c, uT 40c, uV 40c, uX 40c. Below is some basic OPA information: OPA stands for Office of Price Administration. OPAs were first issued in 1944. Then blue WU, HX and red YC,.

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There were many different gold tokens made in the years followingthe gold rush. RED OPA'S, hC 40c, hT 40c,.00. I need a blue WC token to complete my set. Red letter combinations known.