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The company says it will not be increasing the price, which stands at 9,995. GAW Miner is offering.

KnCMiner Titan to Deliver 400 MH/s, Tape-Out Imminent

Power Supply, unlike some other, more rigid setups, the Titan does not include its own power supply. The currency is based on the Bitcoin protocol but offers a few advantages over Bitcoin, such as faster transaction confirmation. KnCMiner has announced that it has almost finalised the design for its upcoming Titan scrypt asic, although it did not provide further details as to when the tape-out would take place. DividerCCN/divider, knCMiner admitted defeat in the private mining industry after taking over eight months (from the end of November 2013 to the middle of, august 2014 ) to deliver Neptune hardware.

KnCMiner, finally, issuing Titan Refunds?

While other miners will sometimes offer one speed while delivering another, KnC is consistent in its hardware specs and what the performance ends up looking like. KnCMiner says the latest revision will not have a significant impact on power consumption and thermals: "In this run, we've been able to upgrade the Batch Two 'Mini' Titan to 200 MH/s, and the 'standard' Titan to 400 MH/s, while still keeping power consumption and.

KnCMiner Titan, scrypt Mining Hardware review - Best

The hardware is not shipped to customers, so the only costs they have are to manufacture the machines, pay for the internet connection, and perform repairs on devices when they break down. With Q2 drawing to a close and no tape-out announcement yet, Q3 is starting to look like a more reasonable timeframe, though the process could be accelerated. After its lengthy eight-month wait for Neptune miners, theyve decided to do the right thing and stop selling mining equipment to independent miners. Our Clear Sky farms in the polar region takes advantage of locally produced renewable hydropower and the surrounding arctic air to achieve industry-leading efficiency. The leader in blockchain news, CoinDesk is a media outlet that strives for the highest journalistic standards and abides by a strict set of editorial policies.

KnCMiner Updates Titan Spec, Promises 250MH /s, coinDesk

Throwing your full KnC Titan hashrate at a coin with low difficulty and total network hashrate will simply increase the difficulty in very short period of time (depending on the difficulty adjustment algorithm of the coin) making it pointless to be mined. Speed is obviously among the most important factors, since faster mining abilities mean a higher likelihood of finding new Litecoins. GenTarkins Custom KNC Titan Scrypt asic Firmware, there is still more to be desired. However, other factors such as the form factor and convenience of setup must be taken into consideration as well.