Sync hangs at 99 315 Blocks left

How to recover from slow syncing? #6336 2edbbc3f / b80c9ac3. There was 35370 transactions involved in clearing the state.

Crypto ethereum wallet stuck at 99, official

Go:1042 imported 5 blocks, 52 txs (.233 Mg).827s (.253 Mg/s). Remove your old blockchain data and Ethereum Wallet will then execute a fast sync where it does not have to fully validate each of these spam transactions.

ETH, wallet, stuck syncing Issue #1257 ethereum

Go:1042 imported 4 blocks, 40 txs (.947 Mg).374s (.112 Mg/s). #2474656 a8f76648 I1124 01:04:44.682904 core/blockchain. Create Post r/ethereum Rules. Start Parity with the following command line parity -warp -geth You can then start Ethereum Wallet and it will connect to your Parity instance. Go:1042 imported 32 blocks, 241 txs (.785 Mg).597s (.813 Mg/s).

PPT, crypto ethereum wallet stuck at 99 howTo

Go:1042 imported 20 blocks, 213 txs (.948 Mg).547s (.728 Mg/s). From Is there a new DOS attack? The process of deleting the account from the state takes O(log(n) disk writes, but the zero-value call only costs 700 gas, and so it these transactions take longer than usual to process.

Crypto ethereum wallet stuck at 99 howTo

# f49e76 / 7f5245a6 I1123 20:12:13.888274 core/blockchain. Info 04-0519:22:08 Imported new state entries count26 elapsed1.053ms processed673087 pending13 info 04-0519:22:08 Imported new state entries count1 elapsed361.354s processed673088 pending0 info 04-0519:22:08 Imported new block receipts count1 elapsed3.234ms number3480221 hashe61ce240f00d ignored0 info 04-0519:22:08 Committed new head block number3480221 hashe61ce240f00d info 04-0519:22:16 Imported new chain segment. Go:1042 imported 52 blocks, 834 txs (.643 Mg).016s (.698 Mg/s). # ae / 0233d4a9 I1123 20:15:40.999610 core/blockchain.

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#6366 66dcf4c1 / c5d009a1 I0416 13:32:24. Refer to, network Ports, Files And Directories for more information on the location of Ethereum software files and directories on your computer. Here is the transition when the -syncmode "fast" syncing (pre.6.0) has completed and normal syncing starts: I0416 17:16:12. And following is the equivalent geth.6.0 message during the transition: info 04-0519:22:07 Imported new state entries count17 elapsed675.795s processed672794 pending598. Go:1042 imported 383 blocks, 1512 txs (.980 Mg).373s (10.865 Mg/s).

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Go:1042 imported 262 blocks, 2337 txs (124.650 Mg).000s (15.581 Mg/s). Go:1042 imported 119 blocks, 1188 txs (.790 Mg).045s (.324 Mg/s). Change your system settings so that your system clock is synced to an NTP (Network Time Protocol) server. Go:1042 imported 38 blocks, 210 txs (.546 Mg).403s (.111 Mg/s). #2463794 a65ca251 / df55fd2f I1123 20:11:08.853652 core/blockchain.