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The building was constructed in 1993. On October 3, no vowels are bought in Rounds 1. The slide whistle does not sound when a contestant finds a Bankrupt on the reverse of a Mystery Wedge.

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By November 2, the gift tag over the yellow 400 between the purple 600 and the pink 300 is removed, leaving only the one over the pink 300 between the other yellow 400 and the red 900. All five Bonus Rounds are lost on the week of October.

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However he may have been referring to a different real-life, or entirely fictional, attack. Parrot jumps after cracker and perch (F) tilts, upsetting seeds (G) into pail (H). At the end of the closest rerun to his death, the credits are interrupted by a flashback clip of Merv recounting the show's creation on the ceremonial 3,000th episode. Nightfall Edit Veto Power Edit Veto Power references the fall of Saddam Hussein, which took place in December 2003. Cinema is the Last Machine.

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According to the player who gave this erroneous answer, all three contestants are given a 100 bonus. On April 20, there is an 8,200 Jackpot win. The combined winnings for the week of December 11 are 124,350, the lowest one-week winnings of the Toss-Up era. February 12 is the second and final Country Music Stars Week.

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The prize values flip into place and the post-Bonus Round totals spin into place, but soon these animations are changed so that both zoom. Rounds 2, 3, and 4 are played entirely by the person who began them. Media History Timeline (1910s) from The Media History Project Web site. The Wild Card debuts on 700.

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This is corrected before the beginning in Round. This style is kept through Season. 1930 - First packaged frozen food marketed 1930 - Just Imagine (Directed by William Butler ) 1931 - First regular TV broadcasts begin in US 1931 - First use of penicillin in clinical practice, Sheffield, England 1931 - Inauguration of Empire State Building, tallest building. In " Day 4: 3:00pm-4:00pm a shot of Dina's profile gives Behrooz Araz 's date of birth as 06/06/.