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715, social buzz, the pharmaceutical industry is one that is crying out for the trust inherent in blockchain use. Imagine the block as a piece of data and the chain is where that data hooks into place with all the other blocks of data. In Germany, a new drug needs proof of a benefit to any existing drug on the market, before it is allowed to enter the market.

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If there were political will and comprehensive financial support, other countries could also follow Estonias as well as Dubais lead. A dangerous amount of counterfeit pills specifically marketed as Xanax or Oxycodone have actually been made with Fentanyl, causing deadly overdoses in many unknowing patients and victims. Philipp Sandner is head of the Frankfurt School Blockchain Center. Third-party companies, such as shipping logistics and cold-chain management companies, who provide research on the movement of pharmaceuticals, could be replaced by a blockchain-based tracking system, reducing overheads for larger companies and small pharmacies.

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Every manufacturing facility has a certain chemistry which makes it uniquely identifiable. Blockchain can fundamentally transform businesses by eliminating inefficiencies, speeding up transactions and enabling innovative new business models, said IBM Research China director Dr Xiaowei Shen. As far as blockchain technology goes, we are always committed to utilizing the best resources available for our clients. The Economist explained, blockchain enables an economy where trust is established not by central intermediaries but through consensus and complex computer code. Drug Supply Chain Security Act, by 2023 it will be necessary for anyone to be able to track every single item down to an individual dosage from patient, right back to manufacturing plant.

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Blockchain technology allows large amounts of associated data to be distributed but not copied. In the case of digital assets like money, stocks or intellectual property, not to speak about electronic health records, authentication and accountability are key elements. Blockchain can be used to secure both internal and multi-party supply chains.

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The firm has traditionally focused on medical device inventory management, but said it aims to extend its offering before the extended US Drug Supply Chain Security Act (dscsa) deadline. The complete visibility of this ledger would make it possible to trace every product back to the origin of the raw material manufacturers if needed.

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From manufacturers, to trade partners, or patients, all blockchain participants will be able to monetize their data through tokens,. Another aspect of the system is that there is no central authority to decide whats right or wrong. Some companies are partnering together to research and decide if blockchain technology will be utilized as the future for tracking all individual medications and products manufactured by pharmaceutical companies.

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Supply chain integrity: the first pharma target for blockchain. So, how do you make sure that doesnt happen with your money? And thats exactly why it is the perfect solution when we need to document a patients health record to set up reliable vaccine registries or to secure the movement of drugs through the supply chain. Interview with Ramana Pinnam, Director of Product Management, about blockchain technology in the pharmaceutical industry. Passed in 2013, the act has a deadline for full implementation by 2023.