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Viralskate : A buddy was transfering an ERC20 token and has been waiting over 24 hrs for it to clear. Buchi1983 : Masternode of this coin looks very nice for. Viralskate : In the past he said it would take 20-30 minutes Gotta love crypto lol thelord777 : Coinexchange Official pump channel more then 11 k members making money with us, so join and make money with us - /kfhvty.

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All of it traister : About time! If you continue to use this site, you consent to our use of cookies.

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Aqua12 : whats going on with the spread. We know sitting on this pile of treasure will make it more valuable derkish : nmcet nvcet ppcet and dshet never below.99? And price looks also stabil. Xxottoxx : build from there then stake. Illuminatedk : just means USD are worth less here minorix : or only people with cobalt balls sitting here sdegabriele : can kneedrag sing for us?

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Jake001 : Is it going to moon or I should just watch xxottoxx : @Jake001 premined is high, jake001 : Does that stop me from profitting from it? Dkyardarm : you can just tell OOT is next to moon. George, I may catch some luck too.

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Viralskate : CE is experiencing problems with ERC20 token transfers into the exchange. Xxottoxx : no, but for me i rather wait to find the floor. Jake001 : Hopefully, I will see it moon.

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Cryptogame Ponzi Trust deployed on a smart-contract of Ethereum network is an autonomous system that works on the principle of a Ponzi scheme, and thanks to the new features of Blockchain technology, we were able to deprive its vulnerabilities, having provided as much as protection. Kneedrag : #unprudentPruittMustGo kneedrag : it worked! HairyT : WEX BTC price waaaaaaay over the usual 's a pain in my ass. Kneedrag : brb i have to go hug a tree codwala : who rattled kneedrags cage?