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Great idea, perfectly executed. Safety and local laws aside, the barrier to entry is at an all time low for drone usage, but this doesnt mean that every photographer should be rushing to get airborne. Wedding photographers using the Nikon D5: Sam Hurd, Gabe McClintock, Sage Justice click here FOR THE latest price ON THE nikon D5 Fujfilm X-Pro2 Fujfilm X-Pro 2 used by Nordica The Fujifilm X series cameras were the first that showed the world that the line. For those who travel with a medium-large amount of camera gear, a rolling camera bag seems to be the norm, whilst for those who have smaller mirrorless set ups, a camera messenger bag or camera backpack is usually more appropriate.

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However, if youre looking for  arguablythe best mirrorless camera for wedding photography, ignore everything else the Sony A7R III. This is one lens that will last your entire wedding photography career and not skip a beat. XQD memory cards are undoubtedly faster, but theyre also much more expensive Id have preferred two SD card slots, but this is just personal taste.

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5274, she does when asked. Megapixels:.4, up to 7 fps continuous shooting 4K video recording, vIEW price, sony A7R III. Then theres the usability and menu system of the Fujis, which is far superior to that of the Sonys. Click here FOR THE latest price ON THE nikon 35MM F/1.4 Sigma 35mm f/1.4 ART Sigma 35mm ART f/1.4 used by All the Love in the World With mounts available for Nikon, Canon EOS, Sony, Minolta Maxxum and Pentax, it isnt any wonder that this. Id also argue that the tilt-shift look is more appealing to other photographers than to brides unless they are photographers themselves!

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Arguably the best Nikon camera for wedding photography for those on a budget, the Nikon D750 is a true classic. Its been at least a month or two since Ive seen her online.

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Wedding photographers using the Canon 50mm f/1.2L: Luke Chisholm, Gene Pease, oapd and others. Since its been a good few years since its release, the Canon 5d Mark III can be picked up for bargain prices right now (see latest price here and for those just starting out in wedding photography or those wanting a second body, its. Click here FOR THE latest price ON THE sony A7 III Nikon D850 Nikon D850 in use by Jesse LaPlante Nikon had a tough year in 2017, with redundancies and fears of going under. DJI Mavic Pro DJI Mavic Pro used by John Bamber Despite the temptation of a cheap drone for wedding photography in the form of the DJI Spark, and the cute-appeal of the pocketable DJI Mavic Air, its the DJI Mavic Pro that reigns supreme with. Many wedding photographers could easily shoot an entire wedding with just this lens.

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The Nikon D5 can has a native ISO of 102,400, which can be extended to a frankly ludicrous 3,280,000! The Think Tank Retrospective series is a firm favourite both with men and women wedding photographers (more womens camera bags here with the 30 the most popular of all. The only small annoyance for me with the Nikon D850, but one that is actually a plus point for many others, is the addition of the XQD memory card format. Unfortunately, Nikon decided to hamper one of the best wedding photography cameras ever produced by limiting the maximum shutter speed to 1/4000th, where other pro-level Nikons support 1/8000th. There simply isnt another lens in the world that can replicate the look of the Canon 50mm f/1.2L.

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Weaknesses include mixed memory card support which cripples the write speed of the SD card, and a somewhat ageing auto-focus system. It also offers the best ergonomics of any camera Ive ever held, despite its bulky size.